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If you have a leaking tap or pipe, Hello Plumbing will solve the problem quickly and professionally. We are available 24-hours a day to fix a tap, leaking roof, water pipe burst, leaking shower or any other water leak. A leaking tap can cause significant water wastage, as well as costing you money. We can help you detect a leak – whether it’s in your tap, roof, or shower. If you have a leak from a burst water pipe, or if your piping as been corroded, we can repair it using the latest technology. This results in a huge reduction in your water bill. We can also review your water meters to ensure there are no water leaks over the entire property.

We can help with any of these issues:

Leaking Taps Pipes

leaking tap

Fix your tap and losing sleep and wasting litres of water every minute. A leaking tap can lead to water stains or a flooded house! Hello Plumbing can fix your taps whether they’re dripping, leaking or just not working properly.

leaking roof

If you have water stains across ceilings or walls, the culprit is likely to be a leaky roof. It’s important to fix it immediately as small leaks can quickly lead to big problems such as mould, rot and damage, resulting in an expensive bill. Hello Plumbing can track down and fix all types of roof leaks!

burst water pipes

If you have a water leak or a burst pipe, this can quickly become a very expensive problem. People are often not aware of the problem until they receive a large water bill. Our experienced plumbers can locate and repair the pipe for you.

Leaking Shower

Signs of a leaking shower can be stained floorboards, damp carpets, peeling paint or mould. A slippery bathroom floor can also be created which can cause injuries, especially for the elderly.

Leaking Taps Pipes

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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes a leaking tap or burst water pipe?

Faulty tap washes, high water pressure or faulty taps can all lead to a leaking tap. A burst water pipe can be caused by corrosion, tree roots and high-water pressure.

How soon do I need to get it fixed?

It’s very important to get it fixed immediately as the longer you leave the water leaking, the bigger your water bill! The water could also cause damage to your property.

How do I know I have a leaking tap, water leak, leaking shower or burst water pipe?

It could just be that you hear or see the leak. Other signs could be water stains across walls or ceilings, stained floorboards, damp carpets, peeling paint or mould.

Can Hello Plumbing fix my leak?

Yes! We trained experts in this field and can locate and fix any kind of leak you may have.